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No contractor likes to receive a no-heat call in the dead of winter. First of all, it’s a safety hazard for a homeowner to be without heat. In addition, emergencies make it tough for your wallet as it can lead to a bigger failure problem for your furnace or boiler.

One of the easiest ways to level out emergency calls, we encourage our customers to have their gas or oil furnace systems cleaned and checked before the temperatures drop.

Performing a fall clean-and-check not only gives our customers peace of mind that their furnace will operate properly throughout the winter, it also leads to less failures or interuptions. It’s a win-win.

The following is recommended by Scotty's Services, Inc. Technical Services Team:

1.  Ask Questions.  When our Technician arrives at your home, let him know about any concerns you may have regarding the equipment.  Especially if you are unsure how to "properly" operate your own Furnace or Boiler.

2.  Check your thermostat.  Make sure your it is "programmed" correctly and that the batteries are good.

3.  Check the exterior of your furnace or boiler.  Make sure its not dusty and the area around it isn't dirty.  You can pull out the vacuum and clean around the furnace and wipe down the furnace cabinet.

4.  Its important to remember that most problems don't occur suddenly.  They develop slowly over a long period of time.  So slowly, in fact, that you may grow accustomed to the change without realizing it has taken place - such as corrosion slowly building up in the safety valve, or sediment collecting in the float chamber on the connection lines of the low water fuel cutoff device.

5.  A boiler failure interrupts service to a facility, the building's occupants, and their operations, and can result in significant damage to the building, other equipment, and building contents.  Failure during peak heating season can result in a cost to repair damage to a facility, its systems, and its contents that exceeds the cost of repairing or replacing a boiler.  Proper and regular boiler inspections can, in many instances, help prevent situations like this.


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Change your air filter regularly

Check your filter every month, especially during heavy use months (winter and summer). If the filter looks dirty after a month, change it. At a minimum, change the filter every 3 months.

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