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Scotty’s Services, Inc. sells, installs, repairs and provides maintenance on all makes and ages of heating and air conditioning systems. Since 2005 we have been Northeastern Pennsylvania’s multi-service heating and cooling specialist.

We service and carry a wide-range of Equipment:

We are here to help you make an informed purchase by helping you sort through the maze of HVAC and air quality equipment on the market.

Choosing a HVAC System

At Scotty’s Services, Inc. you have the choice of a wide variety of systems to choose from to heat and cool your home or business. Depending on the construction of your building, you may choose to put a heating only system in, such as a boiler with baseboard hot water or radiant floor heating. Perhaps you are building a new home and want to consolidate your heating and cooling system, but want twelve zones for better control.  We do that!  We will design that for you and guarantee our work.  We take the worry out of being comfortable in “your” home.


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Heat & Cool Efficiently

Change your air filter regularly

Check your filter every month, especially during heavy use months (winter and summer). If the filter looks dirty after a month, change it. At a minimum, change the filter every 3 months.

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